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man and woman sitting together smilingThe MJM team shares a passion for restoring your home back to its original condition after a flood, fire, mold discovery or storm. 

We appreciate all of our customers and are thrilled when we exceed their expectations. Take a look at their kind words below, as well as a couple of case studies, and contact MJM Property Restoration, LLC today to restore your home back to the one you know and love! 

“My hot water tank broke and flooded out my laundry room, bathroom and dining room. My plumber referred me to MJM Restoration. Within 1 hour of my phone call, an MJM supervisor and crew where at my house removing the water and damaged materials. They set up their drying equipment. They saved my house. They completed the repairs within 2 weeks. Very professional.”

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Cindy C., Flood in Mt Clemens, MI*

“I am the legal representative for my elderly parents. My parents were away from their home at their summer residence. While away a pipe broke in their home and completely damaged all 3 floors of the house. I was referred to MJM Restoration to take care of the water damage. The house had to be completely renovated and my parents and I did not have the time to take care of it. MJM wrapped their arms around us and within 2 months the work was completely done and the house was ready to be moved into. My neighbors were even impressed with their work and hired them for some of their home improvements. I would definitely recommend MJM to any of my friends and or family.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

Sarah S., Flood in Livonia, MI*

“My cat knocked over a candle in my downstairs den and started a fire. Luckily it was confined to the bedroom only, although I had smoke damage throughout my house. I was referred to MJM Restoration. I was thoroughly happy with the professional manner in which I was taken care of. They even took care of all communications with my insurance company. All I had to do was pay them with my insurance check when the work was done.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

Dave A., Fire in West Bloomfield, MI*

“They were very good and checked several different things that could cause the problem. Fixed the problem and did an excellent job. I would hire them back every time.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

Jane S., Macomb, MI*

“They responded quickly and had someone at my mother's house within the hour. He did a thorough job and made my mother feel comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to have them do other work.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

Maggie P., Oak Park, MI*

“They responded to my inquiry in a timely manner. Were onsite same day at the time they promised. Provided me the detail I required to get the job done. Fast and friendly. I will not hesitate to use them again. No complaints.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

Matthew M., Redford, MI*

“Good men, explained problem and solution, were very professional and friendly.”

Testimonials & Reviews | Warren, MI | MJM Restoration - stars2

John J., Redford, MI*

Case Studies

Case Study: 4 Day Turnaround of A 20,000 Square Foot Building

How MJM Property Restoration, LLC Helped Clients Recover from A Flood

Project: Military Base

Location: Michigan

Type: Water Damage

An underground contractor was upgrading a building's 8” water supply line and caused a break in the existing waterline. As a result, this flooded an occupied 20,000 square foot office complex. The base's housekeeping cleaning personnel tried their best to extract the water to no avail. We are the base's approved disaster restoration company and were called to come in and handle the situation. The office area was broken up into 12 separate offices and the remaining areas consisted of standalone office cubicles; there were also four large common hall areas. Within one hour we had mobilized 20 technicians and 300 pieces of drying equipment. The equipment was placed in the appropriate areas and office equipment/furniture was manipulated and relocated to help expedite the drying process. Within three days, the majority of the drying and cleaning had been performed and the base was able to start re-occupying their office. The project was completed on the fourth day. Due to our quick response, the office sustained zero damage to structural components.

Case Study: Complete Residence Reconstruction from Water Damage

How MJM Property Restoration, LLC Helped Homeowners Recover from Water Damage

Project: Private Residence

Location: Livonia, MI

Type: Water Damage/Mold

This particular home owner owns two separate residences, one they stay at during the summer months in northern Michigan and the other they stay at during the winter months in southern Michigan. When they came back in the fall to return to their winter residence, they discovered that their upstairs toilet tank had cracked and had been running for nearly three weeks. All three levels of their residence had sustained significant damage, and they contacted our company to handle the situation. The couple that live in this residence are retired and had been married for over 60 years and had a large amount of contents and furniture. The majority of their belongings were damaged throughout the entire residence, and were classified as unsalvageable. Six 20-yard dumpsters were utilized to dispose of the contents. Once the contents had been removed from the residence, drywall, hardwood floors, carpeting and cabinetry had to be removed. Once the saturated building structural components were removed, drying equipment was placed throughout the residence. Due to the length of time the water had been running, mold had developed on the basement concrete walls and ceiling joists. The mold was removed utilizing dry ice blasting equipment. This specialized equipment works like a sandblaster, although instead of using sand, it uses dry ice pebbles to remove the mold, leaving very little post abatement cleanup. All abatement activities were performed under accepted industry health and safety standards. The reconstruction of the residence began immediately after the demolition was complete and was finished in approximately 60 days. This job was handled by us as a complete turnkey project, from settling the loss with the insurance company, to performing emergency drying services, to content restoration and final restoration of the residence.