Wind Damage Services

Quick, Decisive Repairs: Wind Damage Clean Up in Warren, MI  

tree falling on a white house from a stormNot only does wind directly threaten the integrity of your home, but it leaves the building vulnerable to additional damage from other sources. 

In the aftermath of a major storm, quick, decisive repairs are essential to home safety.

As a disaster restoration company with extensive experience in Warren, MI and the surrounding area, MJM Property Restoration, LLC knows how critical the first few hours after a storm are. We are committed to responding rapidly and effectively to your requests, limiting the total damage while keeping you and your family safe.

Storm Damage Restoration from an Experienced Recovery Company

After more than 25 years providing disaster restoration services in Macomb County, the MJM team knows exactly how wind can affect local homes. We are trained to deal with every variety of wind damage, including:

Weakened Roofing

Severe winds may blow shingles off of your roof, leaving an opening for water, mold and other issues to get inside and cause additional issues. We provide tarping to protect your roof in the short term as well as more comprehensive repairs to restore it for the long haul.

Broken Windows

Heavy winds will launch debris at your windows, shattering them and exposing you to outdoor elements. We will board your windows up so your house remains safe.

Power Restoration

Wind may cause power lines to collapse or damage the wiring in your home, depriving you of access to electricity. We get the power back on as quickly as possible. If wiring issues lead to an electrical fire, our fire damage repair team will deal with the damage from smoke and flames.

Other Services

MJM Property Restoration, LLC can remove fallen trees, clean up debris, rebuild damaged structures and stabilize your building.

The MJM team has performed cleanup and remediation services for a wide range of different sized homes. No matter how unique your house and its surrounding environment may be, we will know how to restore it to full strength and safety.

A Cleanup Service You Can Trust

MJM Property Restoration has a strong track record for meeting our clients' needs. We gained a five-star rating from HomeAdvisor and have had 27 clients who have given us their highest rating on Angie’s List. As a member of the Construction Association of Michigan, we work hard to enhance the quality of our services, taking advantage of new technologies to provide ever-higher standards of strength and safety.
Don’t leave storm damage unattended. To learn more about how we can help or to request service, contact us today!