Water Damage Services

Water Damage Solutions: Flood Restoration and Water Extraction in Warren, Michigan  

white door ajar opening up to flooded roomWhen it comes to recovering from disasters and lingering decay, never underestimate the importance of water damage restoration. 

Water has a subtle but pronounced effect on the structure of your house, weakening wood and plaster while making it easier for mold to spread.

For this reason, rapid water extraction is essential after a flood, burst pipe or other wet disasters. MJM Property Restoration, LLC offers quick, comprehensive water restoration for houses of all sizes and shapes. Operating out of Warren, we help Macomb county’s families bounce back from even the worst water mishaps.

A Holistic Approach to Water Restoration

MJM Property Restoration leaves no stone unturned when helping you recover from floods and spills. We have developed a comprehensive strategy to clean and dry your home, which involves:


We begin by removing as much water as possible from your walls and carpet. Using mounted water extraction methods and dehumidification, we can get the vast majority of the moisture out shortly after arriving on scene. This limits the extent of the water damage and makes it more difficult for mold to grow. If any mold has already taken root, we remediate it quickly and effectively.

Sewage Cleaning

In addition to drying out your house, we prioritize removing sewage and anything else that might contaminate the building. The sooner we get rid of these contaminants, the less of a threat the flood will present to your health and that of your family.

Contents Recovery

With your walls dry and all sewage removed, we clean and dry your individual possessions. We also focus on odor control, as sewage and mold can leave a stench long after they have been eliminated.

Demolition and Reconstruction

Depending on how far the water has penetrated into your home, it may be necessary to demolish certain structures. We remove them safely and build new ones in their place, taking care to provide the same form and function.

As a family company, MJM Property Restoration, LLC understands just how critical it is to keep your house and its occupants safe from disease and decay. For this reason, we never hesitate to answer your calls for help, and begin the restoration process no more than two hours after you place your order. With more than 25 years of experience, we know exactly how to handle every variety of building, giving all homeowners the same standard of care.

For more information on water damage restoration or to request our assistance, contact MJM Property Restoration, LLC today!