Mold Damage Services

Stopping Fungus in Its Tracks: Mold Prevention and Remediation in Warren, MI

worker in clear hazmat suit using a scraping device to scrape away moldMold is both the subtlest threat to your home and one of the most serious.

A fungal infestation can spread throughout the house before you even realize it is there, causing massive health and structural damage. The services that MJM Property Restoration, LLC provides will stop this damage in its tracks. Not only can our mold cleanup team quickly restore your house to full strength and safety, but with our mold prevention services, new infestations won't ever be able to get off the ground.

In this way, we offer Macomb county families comprehensive protection for the long haul.

The High Stakes of Mold Removal

Never underestimate how serious mold is. Even a minor infestation can strip away wallpaper and paint, ruining your home’s appearance and forcing you to spend time and money fixing the interior. More serious mold issues can harm the air quality in your house, spreading a foul odor while threatening the health of those with allergies and respiratory issues. In the worst scenarios, black mold and other fungi can weaken the structure of your house, raising the risk that the building will collapse. It is critical for you to prevent mold infestations from arising and deal with them quickly if they do.

MJM’s Approach to Mold Remediation

With more than 25 years of experience in mold removal, MJM Property Restoration, LLC has developed a comprehensive strategy to protect your home. This involves:

Preventative Measures

We advise you on how best to stop a mold infestation from taking off. This includes cleaning and drying the building and any items in it whenever they get wet, especially if they are porous. You should also ventilate the house properly to prevent moisture from gathering in the air.

Mold Detection

If you are worried about a mold infestation but aren’t quite sure it is there, our team can test your house for fungus. Once we confirm it is there, we will quickly determine the full extent and location of the infestation.

Cleanup Services

Our team has the equipment and expertise to rapidly remove mold no matter how far it has spread through your house. We will also restore or rebuild any structures that have been damaged, and can dry out your building so the few remaining spores do not have a chance to spread again.

As a family company, MJM Property Restoration, LLC provides the same standard of service in your homes as we would want for our own. To learn more or request our assistance, contact us today!