Fire Damage Restoration Services in the Birmingham Area

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For over 25 years, MJM Property Restoration has been revamping homes back to the way clients know and love. Whether your property has fallen victim to a fire, flood, or storm damage, mitigating the area is the first step into the restoration process.

Birmingham's Recommended Water Damage Solutions

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Water damage has an effect on the structure of your house, weakening wood and plaster. This makes it easier for mold to spread throughout your home.

The experts of MJM Restoration offer quick and comprehensive water restoration for home of all sizes. Rapid water extraction is essential for any wet disaster. Whether it's after a flood, or burst pipe, we do our very best to help Birmingham's families bounce back from the worst water mishaps.

Our professionals have developed a strategy to clean and dry your home

Contents Recovery-

With your walls dry and all sewage removed, we clean and dry your individual possessions. We also focus on odor control, as sewage and mold can leave a stench long after they have been eliminated.

Demolition and Reconstruction-

Depending on how far the water has penetrated into your home, it may be necessary to demolish certain structures. We remove them safely and build new ones in their place, taking care to provide the same form and function.

Fire Damage Mitigation: Fire Repair form a Restoration Professional

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MJM Property Restoration offers fire damage repair to Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Fire weakens the structure of your home but even worse, smoke extends into room causing subtle but serious problems. We have dealt with fires of all sizes in homes and business in SE Michigan. This leaves us confident that we can handle your house.

Fire and Smoke Damage Services:

  • Stabilizing the structure of your home to keep you and your family safe from one of the most dangerous consequences of a recent fire
  • Boarding up doors, windows and other key areas compromised by fire so you aren't exposed to the outside world
  • Deodorizing the building so that the lingering effects of the fire do not affect air quality, allowing your loved ones to breathe free

The Experts At MJM Restoration Provide High-Quality Fire Damage Restoration in Birmingham

We value what our customers have to say about our services, here are some of their testimonials

"My hot water tank broke and flooded out my laundry room, bathroom and dining room. My plumber referred me to MJM Restoration. Within 1 hour of my phone call, an MJM supervisor and crew where at my house removing the water and damaged materials. They set up their drying equipment. They saved my house. They completed the repairs within 2 weeks. Very professional."

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Cindy C., Flood in Mt Clemens, MI*

"I am the legal representative for my elderly parents. My parents were away from their home at their summer residence. While away a pipe broke in their home and completely damaged all 3 floors of the house. I was referred to MJM Restoration to take care of the water damage. The house had to be completely renovated and my parents and I did not have the time to take care of it. MJM wrapped their arms around us and within 2 months the work was completely done and the house was ready to be moved into. My neighbors were even impressed with their work and hired them for some of their home improvements. I would definitely recommend MJM to any of my friends and or family."

Testimonials and Reviews from MJM Property Restoration - stars2

Sarah S., Flood in Livonia, MI*

Storm Damage Clean Up in Birmingham MI

Storm Damage Restoration from a trusted and experienced recovery company. Providing restoration services in Birmingham for more than 25 years, the professionals at MJM Restoration know how wind can affect local homes. Trained and lisenced to deal with any variety of wind damage, we services the following:

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Weakened Roofing- Severe winds may blow shingles off of your roof, leaving an opening for water, mold and other issues to get inside and cause additional issues. We provide tarping to protect your roof in the short term as well as more comprehensive repairs to restore it for the long haul.

Broken Windows- Heavy winds will launch debris at your windows, shattering them and exposing you to outdoor elements. We will board your windows up so your house remains safe.

Other Services- MJM Property Restoration, LLC can remove fallen trees, clean up debris, rebuild damaged structures and stabilize your building.

We know how to restore it homes to their full strength and safety. MJM Property Restoration has an extensive track record for meeting clients' needs. We work hard to enhance the quality of our services and take full advantage of new technologies to provide an even better experience in home restoration to ensure the highest standards of safety in your home.

Contact the team at MJM Property Restoration today for more information on Fire Damage Restoration. We will help you bounce back in no time!