Plumber Referral Program


How our (5) step program works:

STEP 1: Plumber gets a call to fix homeowners broken upstairs bathroom

STEP 2: Plumber arrives on site and fixes the pipe. He also discovers that the first
floor of the house has sustained water damage.

STEP 3: Plumber refers the homeowner to MJM to dry down the structure and
estimate repairs.

STEP 4: MJM representative arrives on site and the homeowner signs our work
authorization to start the repairs.

* STEP 5: Plumber goes to our office and picks up a referral check for up to $500.00.

Customer Referral Program


How our (5) step program works:

STEP 1: Your husband tells you that your Aunt Sally had a pipe break at her home
and her whole finished basement is flooded.

STEP 2: You call Aunt Sally and tell her that you know a company that will
respond to flood damage and refer MJM to her.

STEP 3: You contact MJM and tell them that you referred Aunt Sally to us and give
us the contact information.

STEP 4: MJM representative arrives on site. Aunt Sally signs our work
authorization to start the repairs.

* STEP 5: You come to our office the following day and pick up a referral check, up
to $500.00 for the customer referral.

Condition: Referral fees will be paid, only if the customer has signed our work
authorization and only the day after the work authorization was signed.

*Contact our office for referral fee details.

24 Hour Emergency Response

Providing a helping hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

How We Helped One Family Recover From A Flood

An underground contractor was upgrading a building's 8 inch water supply line and caused a break in the existing waterline which flooded an occupied 20000 square foot office complex. more info

My hot water tank broke and flooded out my laundry room, bathroom and dinning room. Within 1 hour of my phone call, an MJM supervisor and crew where at my house removing the water and damaged materials. They completed the repairs within 2 weeks. Very professional.

~ Cindy C., Flood in Mt Clemens, MI